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 Posted: Sun Sep 23rd, 2018 08:32 pm
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From Chris again over at Rasslin' Relics.

Elkhart, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Pat O'Connor vs Dr. Moto & Mitsu Arakawa
(Snyder and O'Connor billed as AWA champs. Probable typo.)
WWA Champ Blackjack Lanza vs Paul Christy
Fernando Stampos vs Johnny Kace
Midgets Wee Willie vs The Brute

Elkhart, IN
WWA Champ Blackjack Lanza vs Wilbur Snyder
Bruiser & Wee Willie (midget) vs The Chain Gang
Mr Kleen vs ComRed Boris Volkoff
Wee Willie vs dan Cupid

Elkhart, IN
Wilbur Snyder & Apache Lou Martinez vs The Chain Gang
Moose Cholak vs Baron Von Rashcke
Mr Kleen vs Pancho Garcia
Prince Pullins vs Frank Hickey