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 Posted: Thu Sep 27th, 2018 12:46 pm
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The season premier of "Survivor" was last night and John Morrison was all over the show.  This year's theme is "David vs. Goliath" where the "privileged", whether it's in terms of looks, money, or athleticism take on the freaks and geeks.  Obviously Morrison is on the Goliath tribe.

The first challenge had the Goliaths try to create the biggest mismatch in "Survivor" history by being allowed to pick who they thought were their 2 strongest players to face who they thought were the two weakest players from Team David.  No one knew each other yet so this was based purely on looks and a 5 second intro.  Morrison was selected for his tribe and was perceived as the best athlete and he teamed with a chick who they thought was smart.  The 2 Davids got to select the challenge.  You can see where this is going.  Although not a complete work I'm sure, this was set up to make Goliath look bad and it worked as Morrison and his partner got upset.  The physical part of the challenge was pretty even and then some geek on Team David smoked the mental part of the challenge by solving a slide puzzle in 5 seconds, a "Survivor" record.  It turns out that he has developed algorithms for slide puzzles in the past and it was the perfect challenge for him.

Anyway, Morrison ran through all of his names in wrestling, including some I never heard of before, and all of his nicknames too.  His tribe got a kick out of "The Mayor of Slamtown" and now that's pretty much all they call him.

There's another wrestling connection on the show as one of Morrison's tribe mates is Mike White, writer of "Nacho Libre" (as well as "School of Rock" and many other movies.  White didn't know Morrison but the two had a conversation about Morrison wrestling in Mexico.  White asked him if he wore a Lucha mask and he said no and explained his gimmick of being a pro-American heel in the Trump era and telling Mexicans that they wear masks because they're ugly.  It was played up as campy and Morrison is going along with that and was acting fairly goofy, maybe as a strategy to fly under the radar and not be seen as a threat, maybe that's just who he is.  But Morrison's been trying to break into Hollywood for years now, so you know he's just going to play the role that he thinks will get him attention from casting agents and cares more about that then winning.  I'm sure he sees this a as his potential big break.

Team Goliath won the immunity challenge so someone from David was going to be voted off, but that never happened as there was a serious injury to a member of David during the boat ride back to camp and doctors feared he might have broken his back.  He had to be airlifted to a hospital and so he was eliminated without a vote. 

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