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 Posted: Fri Sep 28th, 2018 04:17 pm
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srossi wrote: Steel Panther played at PlayStation Theater in Times Square last night, and while waiting to go in I'm watching/reading on closed caption the Kavanaugh hearings on the big screens while awaiting the misogyny and debauchery that I knew was coming. 

This band in 2018 is still pulling girls out of the crowd and feeling them up, having girls flash, making underage sex jokes, and asking for donations to  By the end of the show, they had about 35 girls dancing with them on stage, about 1/3 of whom flashed, and about a third of those that probably weren't legal.  The band was grabbing ass and making out with a handful of them.  One girl who they "improvised" a dirty song to was likely a plant (I think I saw her before) but the others were definitely not.  And they do it all under the guise of just being an '80s hair metal parody act.  Somehow they have not been arrested or shut down yet and they haven't changed their show one bit in the past 15 years or so.  Michael Starr's entire persona is that he's old, chubby, washed up, and an ugly Bret Michaels, and he is all of those things, and by joking about it he's getting tail like no one since Hugh Hefner in the '70s. They are living their gimmicks and living the dream.  God bless these lads and may they live forever.  If they never learned how to play one song, they'd be the greatest band in the world. 

You'd think that just on the basis of their song titles, such classics as "It Won't Suck Itself", "Gold Digging Whore", "That's What Girls Are For" (guess what they're for), "Asian Hooker", "Poontang Boomerang", and "Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)" there would be international outrage, but they're under the radar for it all.

P.S. As a special treat, Marky Ramone made a surprise appearance and played drums with them on "I Wanna Ne Sedated".  The band promised him a 16-year old girl as payment for his performance since they had no money.   

The #MeToo bullshit has hit them though, their guitarist Satchel had a guitar pedal coming out a few months ago called "The Pussy Melter" with the description: "Wanna make a physical impact on your audiences, with an epic delay tone? Then Satchel’s got you covered! When we met up with Steel Panther’s oh-so-humble guitarist, he had only one condition: that the tone be as wet as the ladies on the front row!"
 They got painted as sexist and basically sex offenders because of the pedal (which wasn't a real pedal, it was actually just a downloadable model you could apply to their existing pedals) so the company pulled it and apologized. Now at last Steel Panther said fuck it and they had the pedal physically built and are selling it themselves..

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