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 Posted: Tue Oct 2nd, 2018 06:59 pm
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Thinking about it, dejected Sonics fans have certainly raged online, called into sports talk radio, and had heated discussions in small groups over the past decade. However, I don't think the people of greater Seattle have ever had a situation in which 10,000 people could have an almost cathartic release of collective anger over the whole thing until last night. What was said at that precise moment was enough of a spark to light that fire. Everyone got a chance to take out all of their anger on the NBA, the ownership that took the team to OKC, the former Sonics owners who sold the team, and local politicians at once. If Raw goes back to Seattle in say January and Elias and Owens did the same thing, it wouldn't work twice. There'd be some boos, but not the full throated fury that lasted so long. For that matter, if Raw went to some other town where the target had to be some athlete that signed for another team elsewhere or a team that had a disappointing season, I doubt the same reaction would occur.