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 Posted: Thu Oct 11th, 2018 10:36 am
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- Def Leppard - definitely yes. They sold several metric tons worth of albums. Not without its controversy though. I firmly believe Pete Willis should be up there. Do you ignore Vivian Campbell who has been with them (and everyone else seemingly) for well over 20 years?

- Devo - as far as originality goes. A definite yes. They have a boatload of great tunes and were indeed very popular in the late 70's and 80's. Borderline choice.

- Janet Jackson - Janet was a super-duper star for a while almost in the same ballpark as Michael. She was gutsy enough to experiment with different genres of music and was a fashion icon. Maybe

- John Prine - I went over to KKKlassics to see if Crimson Danny was salivating at the thought of this guy going in. Surprisingly he wasn't. If Dan Chernau doesn't think he's good enough, WongLee doesn't think he's good enough

- Kraftwerk - even Kraftwerks moms don't like Kraftwerk. The Fuhrer would have thrown these guys in Treblinka and have been done with them.

- LL Cool J - the guy was a massive star in his day. Decent actor too. But then you have the age old argument do colored hippity hoppity guys belong in a R8R HOF.

- MC5 - everyones kneejerk reaction is usually...YES, YES, HELL YES. But can you name one song besides Kick Out the Jams? Plus that song was only famous because they used the word motherfucker. Yeah they influenced a subgenre of music that was never that big to begin with. Neckbearded critics from the 70's through the 90's thought these guys were revolutionary but me, I'll take the Stooges anytime.

- Radiohead - probably yes because they were huge. Not a fan at all. However, millions are so that trumps me.

- Rage Against the Machine - sure. Great songs, great live band. But keep in mind, these guys aren't revolutionaries along the lines of Che and Pancho Villa. They are millionaire rock stars who sleep on mattresses stuffed with hundred dollar bills.

- Roxy Music - loved these guys in the 70's. Great, great albums and fashion icons. They will not make the cut though.

- Stevie Nicks - Stevie is just an enormous talent. Her solo albums are easily as good as anything Mac put out. I would vote yes.

- The Cure - too depressed to type anything

- Todd Rundgren - as a producer this is a no brainer. As a performer, totally meh.

- Rufus & Chaka Khan - I would vote yes. No, my "white guilt" is not making me do so. I say these guys at Shea Stadium in 1975 and they rocked as hard as any of their contemporaries. Everyone in this band were elite level musicians. Very enjoyable to listen to and watch on stage. Plus, for the decade of the 70's, Chaka Khan was the hottest woman on the planet. That was until her manager kept giving her two-fer coupons to Arbys.

- The Zombies - why?

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