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 Posted: Thu Oct 11th, 2018 03:48 pm
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Erick Von Erich wrote: Not arguing that Def Leppard was popular, but their "body of work" was basically two albums-- Pyromania and Hysteria.

When someone goes to see Def Leppard, today, they want to hear stuff from those two albums....and maybe "Bringing on the Heartache". Who the hell wants to hear "Let's Get Rocked" or "Me and my Wine"? The immense popularity of those two albums may actually work against them.

What may also hurt them is that I don't recall them being much of a influence or being praised for their technical prowess. "Yeah, I was inspired by Phil Collen and was blown away by his solo on Pour Some Sugar On me"...said nobody ever.

When I first got MTV, they played "Let's Get Rocked" ad nauseum.  It was a successful album, and super hyped, but didn't have staying power of their two classics from the '80s. 

Regarding Phil Collen, it's funny because Joe Satriani personally picked him to join his annual G3 tour featuring guitar masters, and was universally mocked for it.  He had to defend the decision and basically threw Def Leppard under the bus by saying, "The guy is a total virtuoso, but he's holding back because he's in a different kind of band."  If Satriani thinks he's that great, I won't argue with him,  but his playing on Def Lep songs is nothing ground-breaking.  It's fair to say that Def Lep is not technically respected, for whatever that's worth (and it's usually not worth much). 

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