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 Posted: Thu Oct 11th, 2018 05:57 pm
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Erick Von Erich wrote: srossi wrote: When I first got MTV, they played "Let's Get Rocked" ad nauseum.  It was a successful album, and super hyped, but didn't have staying power of their two classics from the '80s. 
"Let's Get Rocked" and its album "Adrenalize" came out in March, 1992. That was weird timing, because it was right after the huge grunge explosion of late 1991, plus other "alternative" bands, like RHCP, were growing in mainstream popularity. If it had been released even a year earlier, "Adrenalize" would've been huge. Yet it still proved successful...maybe out of habit. Think it had 4 singles that kept it on the radar until early 1993.
Def Leppard still did well, and even had an AOR hit in the summer of 1993 with "Two Steps Behind" from the Last Action Hero soundtrack. Probably wasn't until the fall of 1993 that their mainstream popularity declined, thanks to the "Beavis & Butt-head effect", when it became "cool" to trash 80's metal bands. I don't remember B&B specifically slamming Def Leppard, but the overall "pop metal/ radio friendly/hair band" thing was ridiculed.
Sorry. Don't mean to go off on a tangent. I just like talking about 80's/90's rock and especially metal.

And hey... to open a whole new can of worms: I'd put Blue Oyster Cult in the R&R HOF over any of this year's nominees.

1991-1993 was the period when '80s metal bands who were already huge (GNR with the "Use Your Illusion" double album, Metallica with "The Black Album", Bon Jovi with "Keep the Faith", Aerosmith with "Get a Grip") were still doing their thing and having tons of success with it, while second- and third-tier '80s metal bands were absolutely being eviscerated by grunge and had absolutely no idea how to cope.  It was complete culture shock when everything was selling in 1989-1990 even if it sucked and then 1-2 years later, these newer or less talented bands that record companies had been fighting over were completely tossed to the curb, couldn't sell, got no advertising or touring money, and got dropped by their labels right after signing.  Warrant came out with their best album ever, "Dog Eat Dog", in April 1992.  This thing would've been huge 2 years earlier, but it died on the vine, and it was so damn good. 

Those few years were a very weird time because you could see the change coming, it already had come, but Guns N' Roses and Metallica were selling out stadiums on their co-headlining tour (this little song called "Enter Sandman" was doing fairly well) and right below that level all their contemporaries were seeing their pictures replaced by Nirvana's and Peal Jam's in the corporate HQ of the record labels.  But Nirvana and Pearl Jam were not the enemy, the cream always rises to the top, the problem was that the secondary grunge bands like Candlebox and Blind Melon were now getting all the attention that used to be reserved for the secondary metal bands in the copycat world of music. 

I'd put Def Leppard somewhere in the middle.  They weren't GNR but they weren't Warrant.  They had success, but they felt the pain.  By the time "Slang" and "Euphoria" came out in the late '90s, they were virtually a dead band.  They actually marketed "Slang" as a grunge album, which was as embarrassing as that time KISS tried to do disco in the '70s.  It was a brutal period for them and just about everyone else who didn't have the good sense to fade away.  Then time went on and nostalgia kicked in and they were able to make a living again playing their '80s material.  At this point, everything '80s is hot again and Def Leppard and Journey just had a very successful arena tour this summer where they played "Let's Get Rocked" and "Two Steps Behind" and every other song predated those.  They will absolutely never play a song live from their last 6 albums, which covers 1996-2015.  Never.  They might never make another album again either.  There's no money in it, and no market for it.  Fans who sell out Def Leppard shows to hear "Hysteria" won't buy a new album from them.

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