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 Posted: Thu Oct 11th, 2018 08:43 pm
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"Man In The Box" wasn't really marketed as grunge when it came out in early 1991. It was played on Headbangers Ball. The sleeve for the single showed the band in more of hard rock to metal stylings although not like a Poison or Motley Crue. The video with Layne Staley in that druid robe clearly played to a metal audience. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" didn't come out until the fall. "Nevermind" wasn't in the album charts until this week in 1991 and it entered at #144. The single was #5 on the modern rock charts at that point, but modern rock radio wasn't a format that had much commercial clearance or success. Once it caught on, it caught on fast though. At that point Alice In Chains was repackaged and rode the grunge wave. They might have been more at home in that genre, but that's not how they were presented when they first hit.