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 Posted: Thu Oct 11th, 2018 09:03 pm
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dr_papufnik wrote: Norm went on the Howard Stern show to try to explain himself. That kills me. How does Stern get to be a platform in all this? Does nobody remember what his show was for 25 plus years? I seem to remember him berating women to take their tops off and whatnot. If they refused he kept on them. How about that time he lied to Carmen Electra about all the other female celebrities that had used that big vibrator or whatever it was he kept in his studio so she'd use it on the air? Pure Weinstenesque move there. Do any tapes exist of his show from the late 80s? I mean for everything he pulled over the years you'd expect him to have to fade off into obscurity or something. Yet he's the platform to have some sort of reasoned debate about this?Over the last decade the entire show has changed.  I don't listen too often myself anymore but it has basically become a show centered around the staff and all their nonsense and Howard doing celeb interviews.  
He did all those things you mentioned and more.  He says his show evolved because he got older and evolved himself.  
Instead of fading into obscurity, he is now worth more than $500m and is beloved by Hollywood.  He gave the toast at Jennifer Antison's wedding and hobnobs with all the A list stars.  A sell out imo.