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 Posted: Thu Oct 25th, 2018 07:26 pm
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Great stuff One Fan Gang

Here are a few more from 1958

01/25/58 Beaumont TX Jack Pesek beat Bull Curry
03/03/58 Fort Worth TX Bull Curry vs Danny McShane
03/19/58 Beaumont TX Bull Curry beat Danny McShain
03/26/58 Beaumont TX Johnny Valentine DDQ Bull Curry
04/02/58 Beaumont TX Johnny Valentine beat Bull Curry
04/29/58 Dallas TX Rip Rogers & Johnny Valentine vs Bull Curry & Kato
05/31/58 Beaumont TX Battle Royal Bull Curry Rito Romero Larry Chene Leo Wallick Ali Bey Tony Morelli Pierre LaSalle Pepper Gomez Gene Darvel & Tarzan Zorro
07/19/58 Beaumont TX Dickie Steinborn beat Bull Curry
07/26/58 Beaumont TX Bull Curry vs John Tolos