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Wednesday - March 20 1985 - TV Tapings
Hector Guerrero pinned Dale Veasey
Wahoo McDaniel and Mike Graham beat The Assassin and Mike Golden
Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts beat Larry Hamilton and Mark Ragin
Brian Blair pinned Southern Champ Rick Rude in a Non Title match
Bugsy McGraw pinned Jack Hart

Percy Pringle and The Missing Link appeared on the show as well.....

Wednesday - March 27 1985 - TV Tapings
US Tag Champs Jay and Mark Youngblood beat Jack Hart and Dale Veasey
Southern Champ Rick Rude pinned Mike Golden
Bugsy McGraw and Hector Guerrero beat The Missing Link and Bill Irwin by DQ
Mike Graham beat NWA World Champ Ric Flair by DQ when Jesse Barr interfered

Percy Pringle and Wahoo McDaniel appeared on the show as well....

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