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Wednesday - November 5 1980 - Ft.Lauderdale Fla
Dory Funk Jr and Dick Slater beat Dusty Rhodes and Bugsy McGraw by DQ
Barry Windham beat Hans Shroeder
Manny Fernandez beat The Scorpian
Scott Mcghee beat Geoff Portz
RT Tyler beat Vinnie Romeo

Thursday - November 6 1980 - Jacksonville Fla
Dusty Rhodes beat Bobby Jaggers in a Lights Out Bullrope Match
Bugsy McGraw beat Florida Champ Dory Funk Jr by DQ
Bobo Brazil, Jerry Brisco, Manny Fernandez, Scott Mcghee (subbing for Mike Graham) beat Dick Slater, Alfred Hayes, Nikolai Volkoff, Hans Shroeder
RT Tyler beat Barry Windham
Scott Mcghee beat Randy Colley
The Scorpian beat Vinnie Romeo
Reggie Parks beat Geoff Portz

Thursday - November 13 1980 - Jacksonville Fla
Dusty Rhodes and Bobo Brazil beat Dick Slater and Bobby Jaggers in a Texas Tornado Match
Bugsy McGraw beat RT Tyler (subbing for Nikolai Volkoff)
Barry Windham, Mike Graham, Manny Fernandez beat Hans Shroeder, RT Tyler, The Scorpian
Dick Murdoch beat Randy Colley
Reggie Parks vs Hiro Matsuda
Scott Mcghee vs T Terror

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