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 Posted: Tue Nov 6th, 2018 08:43 pm
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srossi wrote: I have limited time from Dec. 26 - 30 to go on vacation without the baby.  The plan was Iceland but airfare is 3 times as expensive that time of year, so I was thinking of going there in February instead.  I'm wide open to U.S. or international but prefer exploring cities rather than sitting on a beach.  What's a good place to go that time of year with reasonable airfare?
Re: Iceland, I didn't realize this was a "thing".  I've had two colleagues go in the past year, and they both went on two week vacations up there and said it was amazing.  Bucket list item for me, definitely, as it will be a long time before I'm ever able to break away long enough to do a trip like that, but sounds like fun.

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