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 Posted: Fri Nov 9th, 2018 02:16 pm
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Use myself as an example. I now have horrific eyesight. I have advanced training in firearms and was designated a sharpshooter. However, I would have trouble hitting the side of a barn now. I still own guns and I LOVED shooting. I miss the range. My wife now shoots and is doing pretty well. I am NOT against people owning guns. I AM for properly regulating owners. At the very least, I should be required to take a test at a certain interval to make certain that I am still mentally and physically well enough to properly handle a firearm. I live in a state with fairly tough rules as well but to my knowledge nothing like that exists anywhere.

The guy in CA was known to the authorities. I am fine with people owning but we need to work on making certain the killing fields recede. Just my opinion and I think I come from both sides of this issue. Oh and yes, that includes all the horrific black on black gun violence.