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 Posted: Fri Nov 16th, 2018 03:13 am
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Big Garea Fan wrote:Gotta agree with an earlier poster about grits. I think of them as eating wet sand.

Add to the list:

Fried eggs on everything

I was anti egg on burgers for a long time but since I’ve been doing the Keto diet for 4 months now I’ll throw a fucking egg on anything. 

I like ramen to a point, I’m not eating it anymore but when I did I enjoyed it but I wasnt going to pay gourmet prices for it even if Kawada was cooking it. 

I’m not into the fancy cheeses, honestly I like melted cheese but anything beyond cheddar or pepper jack and I’m just wasting my money 

I like cheeseburgers to a point; I had a discussion a few years ago when I first moved to Texas and this guy was telling me he thought in n out was overrated and that he had eaten this $20 burger at some hotel that was way better. I said well that’s cool and it should be for $20; you could buy a fucking mountain of patties at in n out for $20. 

 Grass fed beef, I’ve had grass fed wet aged and dry aged as well as the usual grades of grocery store beef, meat market beef and direct off the farm beef and sure there are differences but just because the price doubles or triples my enjoyment doesn’t. 

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