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 Posted: Sat Nov 17th, 2018 10:05 am
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01/04/35 Akron OH Bull Curry beat Joe Montana
01/11/35 Cincinnati OH Bull Curry beat Johnny Carlin
02/08/35 Cincinnati OH Bull Curry vs Great Mephisto
02/22/35 Cincinnati OH Great Mephisto beat Bull Curry
03/12/35 Huntington WV Bull Curry vs Charles Midget Fischer
03/22/35 Cincinnati OH Bull Curry vs Joe Montana
04/02/35 Dayton OH Bull Curry draw Alex Kasaboski
04/10/35 Louisville KY Bull Curry beat Frankie Hart
04/30/35 Lansing MI Charlie Midget Fischer beat Bull Curry
06/04/35 Boston MA Young Dempsey beat Bull Curry DQ
08/28/35 Boston MA Bull Curry vs Ed McNeil
09/06/35 Salem MA Bull Curry draw Steve Passas
09/17/35 Boston MA Bull Curry draw Stefton Chel Mar
10/07/35 Portland ME Bull Curry beat Fred Bruno
11/15/35 Boston MA Bull Curry vs Steve Gustin
11/19/35 Lansing MI Bull Curry vs Eddie Bad Man Lewis
12/30/35 Camden NY Bull Curry vs Jimmy Austin
01/02/36 Lansing MI Bull Curry beat Walter Roxey
01/11/68 Columbus OH Joe Smith beat Bull Curry DQ