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 Posted: Sun Nov 18th, 2018 05:41 pm
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Finished the August ‘86 MSG WWF show.

The first half of the show:

Nick Kiniski d. Les Thornton with a release German duplex. Earlier Kiniski was on the mat and the ref started to count him down without Thornton covering, and Gorilla and Alfred are both like WTF? Are you serious? Learn the fucking rules.

Jake Roberts beat Sivi Afi. Gorilla said Jake looked lethargic (ie cocaine).

Herc and Billy Jack went to a 20 minute time limit draw. Surpringly good match with a lot of power shit back and forth. BJH wanted “five more minutes”. Herc entered, and BJH won eventually by countout. A rare time when they recognized the five extra minutes as official.

Orndorff has nuclear heat as he beat Corp Kitchener, entering to Real American.

The Machines debuted and lost to Bundy and Studd by DQ when Andre Machine came in (doing their version of the Masked Confusion). Eddie must have completely just stopped working out after he became Ax. In 83, he was muscular. Here, he still looks huge with upper body def and shoulders. Two years later, he looked like a fat out of shape guy in s and m costume.

Tony Atlas lost to Adonis. Atlas doing the bald gimmick here.

Sheik and Volkoff over Rotundo and a green-as-fuck Danny Spivey.

Pedro beats Savage by countout. Yes, amazing. Pretty decent match. Pedro had a little mini push here, and Alfred was talking up Pedro and Tito as a threat to the tag titles.

And the Bulldogs squash Hoss Funk and JJ Funk in a tag title match.

Decent show. Machines were pretty over.

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