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 Posted: Tue Nov 20th, 2018 02:57 am
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Low key big hog

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I binged a few more ROH tv episodes, the Elite show and night 1 of Survival of the fittest.

These shows arent as NJPW heavy but there is still plenty of bullet club representation.

They are pushing Shane Taylor pretty hard; he can be impressive but his Jack Victory body style makes it a little difficult for me to take him seriously.

Beer City Bruiser needs to go, I think it’s great ROH isn’t all about bodies but BC looks like the 3rd Nasty Boy.

Punishment Martinez is impressive, I look forward to seeing more of his matches

Cody v Rocky Romero was a good match; I was surprised to see the table spot and the thumbtacks.

Taven had funny match long exchange with a Hogan look a like in the crowd even doing a big boot / leg drop combo to egg him on. The crowd even busted out a Hogan chant.

The bully Ray farewell speech wasn’t my thing but the crowd seemed to like it.

Kenny King is a real bright spot on these shows; curious to see how the next couple of shows treat him.

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