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 Posted: Wed Nov 21st, 2018 02:49 am
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Low key big hog

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Papa Voo wrote: That is the kind I usually go on.

Do you do cheese in your diet or do you consider that a carb?

I still need a little room for my beer which is a low carb killer.

I eat more cheese now than ever. I make Alfredo sauce a few times a month and use it to have with chicken. 

As far as beer goes I drink mostly miller lite which I think has under 4 carbs per 12oz. Usually on the weekends I’ll have a stout or porter but due to the increased carb count I’ll usually just have one. If i feel like getting a buzz I’ll have a few shots first since whiskey is carb free. 

We walk a lot and mix in hitting our heavy bag for cardio. Although lately I’ve been trading walking a lot of steps for a few sprints and actually have seen better results. We have a 5k Thursday morning and I’ll probably hit the bag after on an empty stomach as well to make sure I burn enough on the front end to have stuffing and mashed potatoes with my turkey. 

I don’t snack a lot but usually when I do it’s pistachios or a few almonds; pretzels are obviously out. 

I was amazed at what was in things once I really started reading labels. If memory serves me right a 4 pack of Hawaiian rolls is around 80 carbs. A can of Pineapple in pineapple juice with no added sugar has more carbs than a full-size snickers bar.

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