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 Posted: Fri Nov 30th, 2018 05:02 pm
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This AWA push in 1986 was the highlight of Doug Somers' career by a longshot. He was a career prelim guy and TV jobber before then, which was a big part of why people were outraged when he and Rose got the belts, let alone how. As out of shape as Rose was, he'd been a big star elsewhere rather recently. Somers had no charisma at all and was a bad interview with the gravelly voice of someone who'd smoked three packs per day for 20 years while washing it down with whiskey. He was unpushable in any promotion that could do better. That said, although I can't recall any good Doug Somers TV squashes, as opposed to say Mike Jackson or George South, he did rise to the occasion when it counted because he was a decent enough fundamental wrestler who knew what to do in that feud with Shawn and Marty.

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