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 Posted: Sat Dec 1st, 2018 06:44 am
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The Great American Bash 1985 is an underrated gem of a show that should be uploaded to the WWE Network pronto:
- Ric Flair battles Commies in a fierce main event that sees the fans nearly riot! 
- Dusty Rhodes clashes with Tully Blanchard inside a cage with money, titles, women, and fame all on the line
- The Boogie Woogie Man is remarkably over as he and Paul Jones continue their endless series of battles. 
- AWA tag team champions Hawk and Animal come to the NWA to challenge the communist champions from Russia. 
- Magnum TA faces a foe from outside of JCP's realm as Kamala brings his special brand of chaos to the ring 
- plus other action with the Andersons, Manny Fernandez, Abdullah the Butcher, Billy Graham, Buzz Sawyer and others!