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 Posted: Sun Dec 9th, 2018 03:46 pm
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Arnold_OldSchool wrote:

-Ol'Hacksaw battles Communism as Vince McMahon promotes a MAGA agenda on national TV in 1988.
-The origins of Duggan's feud with Harley Race is shown, followed by their epic brawl at the Slammys and a darn good match between the two men from MSG!
- Andre the Giant and Hacksaw have a bloody confrontation on TV, leading to a house show match being shown between the big lugs.
- We close up show with Dino Bravo stinking up the place while facing Jim in a battle of rest holds.

The link doesn't work tough guy! By the way in reference to the Hogan/Andre match at Wrestlefest '88 I was there. Don't know if there were 40 thousand people there but it was well attended. Heenan bumping all over for Hogan made that match memorable,  at least for me.

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