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 Posted: Tue Dec 11th, 2018 02:45 pm
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Kriss wrote: Then the very first match is a handicap match where the champions lose the title when their manager is pinned. Vince knows what we want more than we do.

What do today’s fans want? 

My son is 10 and wants to see Braun, Balor, Braun, Braun, AJ sometimes and loved seeing that guy pee his pants. He could give a shit about 205 live, he thought he wanted to see Mixed Match till he saw some of it and didn’t care for it. Has no interest in watching old wrestling but if the E ran a promo tonight for a returning Savio Vega he would want to know all about him. 

I don’t want any of that but I’m not a fan of Raw or Smackdown and the things I am a fan of (NXT and ROH) I can hardly find time for anymore. 

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