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 Posted: Wed Dec 12th, 2018 02:38 pm
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They are going to trade Syndergaard because Bryce Harper hates him. The fact that there hasn't been more dialogue about sending him to the Cubs for Kris Benson really surprises me. Brodie wants Bryce Harper really badly because he feels that his star power would be enough to hold over the Mets diehard fans while they attempt to put the correct pieces around him to contend for the NL title. I know I am probably in the minority, but I think you absolutely must trade a pitcher for an everyday player if the everyday player is as good or better. Realmuto is NOT as good or better than Noah, but we could argue all day that Benson is or isn't...I will fall on the IS side. Cobble the rotation together with duGrom, Lugo, Gsellman, and anything else that will give you innings enough to get to your bullpen. Putting Diaz at the back of the pen pushes everybody back an inning, which means that 3/5 of the time all you'll need is five good innings. You need duGrom to go deep into games and one other pitcher out of the starting five. And a lineup with Harper and Benson in it to go along with Cespedes and Cano all of a sudden strikes fear into opponents.

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