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 Posted: Fri Dec 14th, 2018 01:40 pm
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1/5/78 Corpus Christi, TX - Memorial Coliseum
Andre the Giant vs Tim Brooks
Tully Blanchard vs Mr. Sakurada
Kevin Von Erich vs Karl Krupp
Dutch Mantel vs Ron Slinker

1/12/78 Corpus Christi, TX - Memorial Coliseum
Karl Krupp d. Al Madril
Tim Brooks d. Tully Blanchard DQ
Wee Willie Nelson and Ron Slinker d. Lord Littlebrook and Leo Seitz (sub Dutch Mantel)
Lord Littlebrook d. Wee Willie Nelson
Ron Slinker d. Leo Seitz (sub Dutch Mantel)

1/26/78 Corpus Christ, TX - Memorial Coliseum
Tully Blanchard vs Tim Brooks
David Von Erich vs Karl Krupp (Claw vs Sleeper)
Al Madril vs Dutch Mantel
Jay Youngblood vs Barry Orton

--Not sure if these fall yet under Southwest or Fritz's promotion, but since it's south Texas, I'll put them here