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 Posted: Tue Dec 18th, 2018 02:21 am
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Watching Raw on a delay. The show starts with Vince, Shane, Stephanie, and HHH all coming out and basically admitting that the show has gotten boring and promising to shake things up and give the fans new stars, new match-ups, etc. in the coming weeks and months. They all oddly claim that they’ll be more hands-on, which sounds more like a threat than a promise. I really doubt that they know how to fix this.

And then they show they don’t by having Baron Corbin come out and have one of those really long and boring exchanges where he tries to talk and gets booed and goes back and forth with the fans and it took forever to get to the point we knew they were getting to. Corbin says he was screwed last night and wants to be permanent GM. All 4 say no but Vince eventually says he can get one more chance if he can beat Angle. Stephanie then announces Heath Slater as special referee. So this ground-breaking segment to change the direction of Raw involves...Slater? HHH then makes it a handicap match and Roode, Gable, and Crews come out. Oh great, Slater and Crews. Now we’re rocking. Shane makes it no-DQ and they all hit him with chairs.

Of course Angle pins Corbin to finally end this massacre. It was a 35-minute segment spanning 2 commercial breaks. I don’t see how this is going to pop a rating.

This thread was great before AA ruined it.