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Superstar wrote: bpickering wrote: 6th day of Hidden Gems (Wednesday)

AWA 12/25/1983 – AWA Christmas Night 1983 [Duration: 01:01:45]

The AWA Heavyweight Title is up for grabs when WWE Hall of Famers Nick Bockwinkel and Mad Dog Vachon go to war on Christmas Night 1983.

How much of the event actually makes the final product remains to be seen.

Below is what appears to be the actual card that took place that night:

Buck Zumhofe vs. Bill White.
Brad Rheingans vs. Billy Robinson.
Rick Martel vs. Superstar Billy Graham.
Ken Patera, Jerry Blackwell, Mr. Saito, Sheik Adnan vs. Greg Gagne, Ray Stevens, Jim Brunzell, Baron Von Raschke.
Jesse Ventura vs. Steve Olsonoski.
Mad Dog Vachon vs. Nick Bockwinkel.
Was this show supposed to have Hogan challenging Bock for the title, but he left and they switched to Vachon? 

I think so. They supposedly received the infamous telegram from Tampa sometime before that. Verne thought Eddie Graham was playing a rib on him and threw it away. When Hogan no showed Christmas night Greg called him and that's when he confirmed he was leaving for New York.

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