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 Posted: Wed Dec 19th, 2018 09:09 pm
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--Stumbled upon these earlier today..

9/25/78 Kermit, TX - VFW Hall
8 Man $2000 Battle Royal
Western States Title Match: Ricky Romero (ch) vs Roger Kirby
Ted DiBiase vs Doug Somers
Mr. Pogo (w/ Sir Oliver Humperdinck) vs Noah Jones
Bill Ash vs Larry Lane

11/13/78 Kermit, TX - VFW Hall
Dick Murdoch vs Adrian Adonis
Ricky Romero and Ted DiBiase vs Mr. Sato and Mr. Pogo
Larry Lane vs Alex Perez

8/14/79 Kermit, TX - VFW Hall
International Title: Dick Murdoch (ch) vs JJ Dillon
Reno Tuufuli and Ati Tago vs Cyclone Negro and Kevin Von Erich
Carlos Mata vs Mr. Wrestling