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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2018 01:52 pm
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--updating info for these 2..

5/23/79 Mobile, AL --- Expo Hall
[NWA World HC:] Harley Race beat Terry Boulder(sub for Ron Fuller) by DQ
Ox Baker vs Ron Slinker 
Gulf Coast Tag Team Title Match: The Samoans (ch) vs Ricky Fields and Terry Latham
CWA Title Match: Thunderbolt Patterson (ch) vs The Inferno (my note, this title is from the Jarrett territory)
Bob Armstrong vs The Hulk
Austin Idol vs an opponent to be named later

5/24/79 Panama City Florida -
Eddie Sullivan vs Roy Welch
Austin Idol vs Wrestling Pro
Afa & Sika "The Samoans" and Ox Baker vs Ricky Fields, Terry Latham and Ron Slinker
Masked Gladiator (Louie Tillet) vs Thunderbolt Patterson
Terry Boulder beat [NWA World HC:] Harley Race by DQ

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