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 Posted: Thu Dec 20th, 2018 03:40 pm
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The problem is now the Raiders have no place to play and they aren't likely to find a deal as good as the one they're walking away from although I understand why Davis is doing that. The Raiders don't want to go to Vegas before the new stadium opens because Sam Boyd Stadium would need millions to get it up to NFL standards for things like the locker rooms, media facilities, fan facilities, and so on. That would be good money after bad because UNLV and the Las Vegas Bowl are moving to the Raiders' new stadium as well with Sam Boyd Stadium then slated to be torn down. The Raiders also don't want to debut in Vegas at a college stadium that would be very low frills by NFL standards and the opposite of the big bang they hope to get from their new home venue.

The 49ers are prepared to host the Raiders for 2019, and if necessary 2020 although the new stadium is on schedule, but the Raiders have shown zero interest in this obvious solution. Memorial Stadium at Cal would be a tough one to swing for a variety of reasons, especially traffic and parking related. AT&T Stadium is in the running apparently although the location is highly inconvenient for the team's soon to be abandoned local fan base. I've heard San Antonio and San Diego bandied about which would make little sense from a practical manner. The Raiders wouldn't relocate their operations to either place and the players would not move there. This would amount to a struggling team playing what amounts to 16 road games next season.