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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2018 12:02 am
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WongLee wrote: At the risk of having Crimson Danny fly up here and wipe the floor with me, I have to say JV looked horrendous here. He had very little charisma and Crusher comes off as a major star. Watching this would have definitely got me to buy a ticket to see Reggie get his ass kicked. Except not by Valentine. How do you fuck up a squash match? Johnny did. His arm drags reminded me of two post down with Mark Masters. The thing is Valentine wasn't green here at all. I put this around 1958 give or take three years. Another great example of the psychology wrestling used to use. I want to see Crusher get his raspy ass kicked.I agree 100%.  Valentine looked like crap and his punches screamed “Sid Eudy”.  Meanwhile, Crusher came off as a superstar and everyone hated him for it.  Not to mention, he was a legit BIG dude at a time when guys of his size and shape weren’t around.  Shit, he was just a superstar and everybody in the locker room today could learn something just from the way he carried himself.

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