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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2018 07:07 am
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About twelve years ago the postal service rep that I had to deal with regularly at my job at the time was always trying to convince me to go to BJJ classes that he attended. He was in his mid to late forties at the time and he said he absolutely loved rolling. He said he wasn't very good, but just the physical activity exerted and the stress relief he got from participating made it all worth going each week. Unfortunately it was around the time that I left that job to take one in another city. I always regret not going with him as I may have continued at a different school, once I moved.

You sound like you really love doing this Franchise. Don't give up, you will see yourself getting better and better as time goes by and before you know it you will be tapping guys out with greater frequency.

Reading this thread and following your progress the last couple of weeks has renewed my interest in the sport. I am now in the same age bracket of the the postal rep friend I had. I am going to research schools in my area and see where things go.