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 Posted: Mon Dec 24th, 2018 02:27 pm
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nyhack56 wrote: srossi wrote: nyhack56 wrote: BlueThunder wrote: broke wrote: America leaves allies high and dry all to distract from a government probe, resulting in more Russian influence in the middle east and a probable emboldened ISIS. Don't see that backfiring on the US in about 20 years or so.

Maybe he should have staggered the withdrawal or had some sort of written agreement that the Kurds are not to be harmed. 

Okay, not a military mastermind, but how can ISIS possibly make headway in Syria now that Assad pretty much has the civil war wrapped up? Also, Russia is influential in Syria. I jut don't buy this narrative that ISIS is going to have. resurgence in Syria. 

Between the pullout, the deregulations, tax cut, and the First Step Act, Trump pretty much will win at least 70% of Gary Johnson's voters.

Full disclosure, I hate Trump.
We had to pull out of Syria eventually.  The issue I have the way he did it.  He makes decisions and has no mindfulness, no thought to the consequences of his actions.
The truth of the matter is no president is a military mastermind.  Certainly no one since probably Eisenhower.  But, these former presidents assemble a staff of these guys.  This guy has a revolving door in his cabinet because he's doesn't listen to anyone.  Unless you blindly agree with him.  And that's some North Korea shit when it comes to international diplomacy.

Listening to the so-called experts is a double-edged sword.  Of course they know more than Trump, a squashed raisin knows more than Trump, but these are the guys that have lied every step of the way to bring about more war for their own financial gain.  These are the "experts" who said there were WMDs in Iraq and all this other nonsense.  Don't you get that military people want perpetual war?  It's in their best interests.  They don't give a fuck about the safety of the country or the lives of the soldiers and certainly not the lives of the civilians in the countries that we've invaded and occupied.  I have no problem with a President telling all these guys to fuck off and just withdrawing troops. We have accomplished next to nothing in these countries for 20 years.  Terrorist organizations get replaced by other terrorist organizations and we prop up some at the expense of others until we decide to prop up a new one at the expense of the one we just got tired of propping up.  We don't belong there, period.

I can agree with you listening to the "experts" is a double edge sword.
Heeding their advice and making an educated decision is not crazy though.  This fucking guy goes with his "gut" all the time, and one of these decisions is going to keep us in perpetual war.  "My way or the highway" bullying shit doesn't work internationally.

Well if you're looking for a military withdrawal, you will never, ever get that advice from a military "expert".  So we'll be there forever.  Obama promised this shit and didn't deliver, and only made the conflicts worse, so this is by far the highlight of Trump's presidency so far.  The fact that liberals are bashing the move would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.  If only we could all look at the comments from both Republicans and Democrats from the Bush years again...

This thread was great before AA ruined it.