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 Posted: Thu Dec 27th, 2018 08:50 pm
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We have FIOS in my house.   Yesterday we received notice that Disney is trying to extort Verizon (the are assholes as well) into paying a huge fee increase and including the ACC channel as a standard option.  On Dec 31, ABC and all the ESPN's could go dark on FIOS.  ESPN is actually carrying a game or 2 of the NFL playoffs and they have some of the better bowl games.  Also, if you are a NBA fan, they broadcast a ton of games. 
While I understand where Verizon is coming from, the fact is that live sports are the last real reason to stick with cable tv.  I am not sure they can win this battle.  I would like this to go the distance though since it could determine how sports are distributed in the future. The one thing that Disney should realize though is that the distributer for streaming ultimately is the cable company itself.