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 Posted: Mon Dec 31st, 2018 03:45 pm
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Well, with my situation this year I told my family and everyone not to bother with gifts for me, I didn't even want to acknowledge the holiday this year at all. But my friend Randall got me something that was so cool that it's actually maybe the best Christmas gift I've EVER gotten, not just this year. There's a backstory to it, I'll cut and paste it here from FB:

"Ok, I have to share this, I was given the coolest Christmas present ever this morning by Randall Ray Cox and Jackie Hale-Cox. Earlier this year Randall and I were talking and discussing my love for King Kong, Godzilla and all the Universal Monster movies. I told him it was partly because I checked out non-stop the Ian Thorne Monster series books from the library at Banoak school when I was a kid. But I also showed him a picture I found online of a King Kong lunchbox. When I was in Banoak I ate lunch with John Geouge (Jason Geouge you need to hear this) most of the time. I had a Dukes of Hazard plastic lunchbox, but John had a metal King Kong lunchbox. I stared at that thing every day, I wanted a lunchbox just like that, it was the COOLEST thing ever made as far as young Greg was concerned. Well, this morning, Randall and Jackie give me my Christmas gift and this was part of it..Randall found that lunchbox on ebay and got it for me..coolest gift ever..."

BTW, I do need to add, John was the first friend I ever made when I started school, from Kindergarten through our first year in middle school we were best friends, we were still friends but middle school and high school we sort of drifted apart a bit. Anyway, John was a saint and 4 years ago he died of leukemia...I miss him a lot, so that made this gift even more special to me..

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