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 Posted: Mon Dec 31st, 2018 04:18 pm
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Vikings fans and the local media are in various points of the seven stages of grief. My take is this season is an absolute disappointment for which the blame squarely falls on Mike Zimmer and Rick Spielman for trying to protect their $84,000,000 quarterback with an offensive line that's not worth $84.

Naturally there is a lot of heat coming down on Kirk Cousins, but what else were the Vikes supposed to do? Case Keenum was a one hit wonder. What other good QB was on the market last year and what will this upcoming offseason? Statistically he did fine, but he got sacked the second most times in his career and got probably the most hurries in his career. The offensive line was an embarrassment and skimping on it cost the team big.

That said, I thought the local talk of Super Bowl hopes was ridiculous. My prediction was 11-5. Flip the regrettable tie with Green Bay and the inexplicable Bills fiasco and the record would be 10-6 and they'd be in the playoffs. I get that people around here are down, but you'd think they finished 3-13 to hear some people on the call in shows.

The 2019 schedule is very tough for the Vikes. However, I think that if the offensive line and defensive backfield are shorn up, there is plenty of reason to make the playoffs a goal next season.

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