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 Posted: Mon Dec 31st, 2018 04:26 pm
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Franchise wrote: I watched about half of that and had to stop, just painfully awkward to watch.

The thing I always find lame about these videos is the person with the issue is fighting for something or someone that doesn’t care about them. If this clerk got fired, arrested and put in jail nobody from the Democratic Party would bail him out or thank him. It’s like when a sports fan fights another sports fan about their favorite sports team; the team owners don’t care, the players don’t care.

This is very true. Hillary would have her chauffeur mow this guy down if he was in front of her limo. Trump disdains every welfare queen redneck at his rallies. But they will fight each other to the death over their self-appointed rulers.  The literal definition of puppets. This guy is a store clerk who by virtue of his job does not have a great life and no one will be there to help him support himself now that he’s made it worse. You can’t put on your resume that you act crazy to customers and expect Whole Foods to say, “That’s my kind of liberal employee, you’re hired!”  This guy will never get it. 

This thread was great before AA ruined it.