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3/4/80 Mobile, AL @ Expo Hall -- updated wrestlers involved in elimination
Ron Fuller beat [Southeastern HC:] Jimmy Golden to win [Southeastern HC:]
The Big C, Norvel Austin and Randy Rose vs Robert Fuller and Ed Boulder, and The Georgia Jaw Jacker (Elimination Match, Georgia Jaw Jacker won)
Jos LeDuc no contest with Roy Lee Welch
Tony Charles vs Donny Fargo
Bill Irwin vs Charlie Cook

3/18/80 Mobile, AL - Expo Hall updated with partial results
[Southeastern HC:] Jos LeDuc d. Jimmy Golden
[Southeastern TTC:] Ron & Robert Fuller d. Randy Rose & Norvell Austin
Georgia Jaw Jacker d. Big C COR
Bill Dromo vs. Ed Boulder
Tony Charles vs. Bill Irwin

3/25/80 Mobile, AL @ Expo Hall -- updated with 2 matches
[Southeastern HC:] Jos LeDuc beat Bill Irwin
[Southeastern TTC:] Ron Fuller & Robert Fuller beat Norvell Austin & Jimmy Golden
Georgia Jaw Jacker beat Big C in a strap match
Ron Bass beat Tony Charles
Randy Rose vs Ed Boulder
Roy Lee Welch vs Donnie Fargo