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 Posted: Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 09:09 pm
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Franchise wrote: I’m very curious to see who they are going to get to fill out their roster show to show and what it will mean for the other indies.
i agree with this.  i know it is comparing apples to oranges, but wwe has an extremely hard time keeping peoples interested, and they have huge rosters with considerably better talent overall.  plus, unless this completely takes off on its own as a legitimate alternative, it can only sustain the hype and trend for so long until staleness starts to set in. 

that said, they seem to have some serious financial backing.  i will be far more interested in this after the njpw shows this weekend.  i feel like omega will have a weekend like styles had a few years ago, but i also think that angle may be too fresh for njpw.  either way, i certainly wish them and everyone involved the best.