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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 02:29 am
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Franchise wrote: srossi wrote: Franchise wrote: When Cena comes back what will they do with him? Is he going to put people over or is he going to beat Rusev for the US title in a flag match at the next PPV.

Is he going to be the NXT call up killer?

The answer wound up being Becky Lynch in Week One. More proof that they’re going full steam ahead with Rousey vs. Lynch to main event WM. 

He lost to Becky? 

LOL. Not exactly. He “put her over”. Cena came out and did his usual promo and then challenged anyone to step up to him. Becky came out to a monster pop and owned him in a promo battle. She was basically going to kick his ass when they were interrupted by Almas and Zelina. This led to a mixed tag match where Becky stole the win from Cena and then refused to shake his hand after they won. They made Cena her bitch the entire night. She was the anti-hero to his cartoon babyface and the crowd loved it. The segment was very obviously designed to make her the top star of the brand and was Becky’s most Austin-like performance yet. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.