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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 04:44 pm
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cookie32723 wrote: This thing is gaining traction but does anyone actually thing this will be sustainable and be a legitimate #2, or will this start strong with hype similar to how TNA did way back when and eventually become another place where ex WWE guys end up?
Give me a $100m bankroll and I could start a wrestling league that becomes a legit #2 and I'm not a wrestling promoter.  In the last couple years of WCW, they lost about $80m with a roster loaded with expensive names.  I'm sure I could do better than that.  And if it's true that they are going to get clearance on TBS/TNT, even minimal revenue pulled from that stream could sustain them having a full time arena and production costs covered.  Somebody asked a question about guys who's contracts are expiring within six months.  I would bet that if the opportunity presents itself, you'll see Johnny Mundo, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Dolph Ziggler, and even Miz jump to AWE.  And with national cable clearance and that bankroll, they can afford to extend an offer to Punk and see if he'll come down.  I think there is a lot of talent under the age of 36 that would jump to live and work primarily in Florida where the taxes and weather are beneficial to them.

My concept would be to make the first wave of guys become "partners" in the business.  What I mean is that you offer all of them the same downside guaranteed salary, and you give them the opportunity to equally share in the profits of the venture as if they were "shareholders", when in reality you are just basically setting a wage scale where the ones that come in at the beginning have an opportunity to make the most money if it becomes a great success.  The only thing these guys could lose is that if their downside guarantee is half of what they make in WWE, they couldn't make the difference up if it's a complete failure.  So much like Cody and the Bucks, the talent would be gambling on themselves.  All of the guys I mentioned above believe that they have been held back in WWE but they don't complain about it because they know that there is no place for them to go stateside that can pay anywhere near what they make in WWE.  Mundo left WWE and did Lucha Underground, TNA, and went to Mexico - I'm sure he'd rather be settled in Florida working weekly for a good paycheck that he can count on.

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