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 Posted: Thu Jan 3rd, 2019 04:51 pm
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Kriss wrote: Franchise wrote:
I can’t see how staleness won’t be a major factor once the new wears off. All of the announced names are great wrestlers but they have all wrestled with or against each other a ton in ROH and probably have crossed paths in NJPW and/or elsewhere. 

They are looking for a much bigger audience than the few wrestling nerds that watch ROH and New Japan every week.

Then they’re in for disappointment because wrestling nerds are the ones who watch wrestling. There’s just not a random group of 2-3 million people out there who don’t currently watch wrestling who are going to start. You hope you get every single indy fan, which at most is 500,000 or so, and then if all the stars align you pick up another 500,000 or so WWE fans. That’s all there is out there. And if you do that, you’re a huge success by every reasonable measure of wrestling on TV these days. We’re getting to the point where WWE would kill for 2.5 million viewers, so for an upstart to exceed 1 million is almost too much to hope for. 

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.