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 Posted: Fri Jan 4th, 2019 07:31 pm
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Boz1515 wrote: srossi wrote: I was flipping channels last night and came across TMZ and they had an item in the side box about his “Final Days”. I couldn’t stomach watching a half hour of that show to get to it so I taped it and fast forwarded to that part this morning.

They spoke to his son Todd who said that he suffered a nasty fall last month and broke some ribs. He was hospitalized for a good part of December and was released a few days before his death, but wasn’t breathing easily when he got home so he had to go back. He died at the hospital with his wife by his side. They mentioned that he had 2 kidney transplants and renal failure in the past but it was really the fall that was the end for him.

Harvey Levin put him over and said the article on his death on really resonated with people more than anyone expected and he was a beloved figure whose death really effected people.

Dag, that is crazy.  I think the Anvil fell too, didn't he?
Yeah, Anvil hit his head.  Gene broke ribs.  I honestly think that when you are older, the fall isn't really what kills you, it's the overall trauma to the rest of your body.  Your body kicks into overtime when something bad happens to you in order to protect you, but at a certain age, I think that rush of adrenaline and white blood cells that go to protect the area combined with the internal bleeding from the bruises and broken bones does more harm to your organs than just having a broken rib or hip or anything.  My ex-wife's grandfather was in perfect health at 83 and was strong as an ox.  He was washing his van by hand and stepped backwards off of a two step stepladder, missing the first step.  When he hit the driveway, the impact pushed his hip ball right through the hip socket.  He walked around on it for six weeks waiting for it to stop hurting, when it got too unbearable he went to the Dr who told him what happened.  Three weeks later, he went in for hip replacement.  When they took the breathing tube out of him, it destroyed his swallowing function and he couldn't eat or drink - he'd just choke on it.  They wanted to put a feeding tube into him and he refused it, and just sat there and died four days later.

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