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The kidnapper of a 10 year old girl has sent a total of 7 letters in the first of which he wrote 'the kidnapping went well and my goal is to get her pregnant the earliest possible'

Anais Marcelli 10 disappeared at 6 in the evening on her way home from school in Mulhouse France on January 14 1991. Her body was found in Col de Bussang three months later.

Anais lived with her mother Martine and her companion Jean Luc, a butcher. After the Christmas holidays she told her mother that she would walk home from school alone, since it was only 300 meters. They lived in a flat on the second floor. On the ground floor was the office of her grandfather Bernard Riedweg, Martine’s stepdad.

On that day Martine returned from work at 6 in the evening. Jean Luc was already there. By 6.20pm she got worried and decided to take the dog and go look for Anais on the route she was usually taking returning from school thinking that Anais might have forgotten her homework at school. She also informed Patrick Marcelli, the father of the child with whom she was separated. Anais was nowhere to be found and a criminal investigation for abduction was opened on January 19.

On February 24 an anonymous message was left on Martine’s answering machine from someone demanding ransom.

On March 27 a typewritten letter was received addressed to ‘Pupils of CM2’ of the Nordfeld School that Anais attended and read:

‘I send you this letter to give you news of your little Anais. She is in perfect health. She is very sweet and submissive. I like her a lot and I spend many wonderful moments in her company. My goal is to get her pregnant the earliest possible. I will get there fast enough and after she is twelve and a half I will give her back to you perhaps.’

On April 21 a hiker discovered the body of Anais on the Vosges hillside. Her remains were laid on a retaining wall and partially covered with stones. She was dressed but did have any boots, anorak and her schoolbag was missing. The autopsy concluded that she died of asphyxiation but she had not been sexually abused. Also she died on the day she went missing. The body was not decomposed but it was preserved by the snow, even though it was damaged by animals.

The fact that the schoolgirl was found without any shoes and coat led investigators to believe that Anais did return to her house from school on the day she went missing. She was also known to take off her coat if she got into a car of a person familiar to her, so the investigation turned to those closer to her.

On October 15 a re-enactment was organized and disturbing contradictions came out for the alibi that her grandfather had between 6-8.05pm on the day she went missing. Martine claimed that she was touched by him during her teenage years and in a search at his house naked photos of Martine were found.

On November 12 1992 an anonymous letter was sent to journalist Patrick Meney, claiming the kidnapping and murder of Anais as well as the kidnapping of another child near Troyes in 1974. Police found the woman who was indeed kidnapped when she was a child but managed to escape.

In total 7 letters were received by TV presenters and journalists, all attributed to the same person, by experts.


On December 1996, her grandfather Bernard Riedweg was placed into custody but was released in July 1997.

In 2001 Michael Stockx, a Belgian truck driver was in prison in Belgium for the rapes and murders of three children. A cell mate alerted authorities that Stockx claimed he had killed a girl in Mulhouse. The investigation into Anais’ murder was reopened but before police talked to Stockx, he died in an accidental fire inside his cell in September 2001. Later he was cleared of the possibility of been the murderer.

The investigation looked into other killers as well: Erancis Deaulm, Christian Van Geloven, Michel Fourniret, Jean-Pierre Treiber and Mark Dutroux.

Patrick Marcelli is determined to find the killer of his daughter with the help of his lawyer. In 2015 the investigation was re-opened.
One of the detectives on the Zodiac case admitted to faking evidence that the Zodiac was involved in another murder. 


While serving time in Georgia for bank robbery, Marion Pruett testified against another inmate in the slaying of his cellmate. Pruett was released in 1979 and placed in the federal witness protection program. He would go on to kill at least 5 people. Once he was caught, he claimed he had also killed his cellmate and framed the man he testified against.