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6/9/83 Corpus Christi, TX - Memorial Coliseum
Southwest Title Match Bob Sweetan (ch) vs Tully Blanchard
Southwest Tag Team Title Match: Jonathan Boyd and Luke Williams (ch) vs Sweet Brown Sugar and Armando Guerrero
Scott Casey vs Bobby Jaggers
Judy Martin vs Velvet McIntyre 
Eric Embry and Rick McGraw vs The Ninja Warrior and The Turk
(my note: Billed as United States Women's Title Match, though Velvet McInytre was recognized as Texas Women's Champ around this time frame.  Judy Martin was US Women's Champ in early 1983, but appears to have lost it to Wendi Richter 3/22/83 in Tampa, according to

6/19/83 Corpus Christi, TX - Memorial Coliseum 
Tully Blanchard vs Gino Hernandez
Bobby Jaggers vs Scott Casey (Canadian Lumberjack)
The Sheepherders vs Sweet Brown Sugar and Eric Embry
Bob Sweetan vs Black Gordman
Armand Guerrero vs The Turk

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