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from pwo wrestling history site

Thanksgiving Star Wars 1983
November 24, 1983 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 19,200
  1. Johnny Mantell, Mike Reed, & Jose Lothario beat Boris Zurcov, Black Gordman, & Tonga John.

  2. The Missing Link beat Buddy Roberts.

  3. Kevin Von Erich pinned Terry Gordy.

  4. World Class Texas Champ David Von Erich beat Kimala via DQ.

  5. Mike Von Erich pinned Skandar Akbar (4:00).

  6. World Class American Tag Champs The Super Destroyers DDQ Junkyard Dog & Iceman Parsons.

  7. Chris Adams pined Jimmy Garvin to win the World Class American Title.

  8. Kerry Von Erich pinned Michael Hayes in a "loser leaves town steel cage" match.

Thanksgiving Star Wars 1984
November 22, 1984 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 15,325
  1. The Missing Link pinned Buck Zumhoffe.

  2. Stella Mae French pinned Nicola Roberts (2:00).

  3. Chic Donovan beat Skandar Akbar (7:50) via DQ.

  4. Bobby Fulton pinned El Diablo Grande.

  5. World Class American Tag Champs The Fantastics beat Koko Ware & Norvell Austin (14:00).

  6. Kerry Von Erich & Iceman Parsons beat Jake Roberts & Kelly Kiniski when Parsons pinned Kinsiki.

  7. Mike Von Erich beat World Class Texas Champ Gino Hernandez via DQ.

  8. Terry Gordy beat Killer Khan in a "Texas death" match. Kerry Von Erich was the guest referee.

  9. Chris Adams pinned Kevin Von Erich (4:25) in a "no DQ" match

Thanksgiving Star Wars 1985
November 28, 1985 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 12,000 ($120,000)
  1. The Missing Link & The Grappler beat Dave Peterson & Johnny Mantell.

  2. Lance Von Erich beat Tim Brooks.

  3. One Man Gang pinned Gary Hart.

  4. One Man Gang DCO Kimala.

  5. World Class Texas Champ Brian Adias beat Jack Victory.

  6. Iceman Parsons beat World Class American Champ Ric Rude via DQ.

  7. John Tatum beat Scott Casey in a "steel cage Texas death" match.

  8. Chris Adams & Gino Hernandez beat Kerry & Kevin Von Erich in a "steel cage" match to win the held-up World Class American Tag Title when Adams pinned Kerry. Terry Gordy and Brian Adias were the guest referees

Thanksgiving Star Wars 1986
November 27, 1986 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 6,000 ($76,000)
  1. Scott Casey pinned Tim Brooks.

  2. WCCW TV Champ Crusher Yurkoff drew Steve Simpson (15:00).

  3. Dingo Warrior beat Master Gee in a "chain" match.

  4. Mike Von Erich beat Brian Adias via DQ.

  5. Abdullah the Butcher beat Tony Atlas via DQ.

  6. WCCW Champ Kevin Von Erich beat Black Bart.

  7. Lance & Mike Von Erich beat Brian Adias & Matt Borne.

  8. Kevin Von Erich beat Al Madril in a "lights out" match.

  9. Fritz Von Erich beat Abdullah the Butcher via DQ in a "submission" match.

Thanksgiving Star Wars 1987
November 26, 1987 in Dallas, TX
Reunion Arena drawing 7,000
  1. Tim Brooks beat Vic Steamboat.

  2. Kerry Von Erich pinned The Thing (0:57).

  3. Frankie Lancaster beat Al Madril.

  4. The Spoiler beat Tony Falk.

  5. Chris Adams & Matt Borne beat The Iron Sheik & The Thing via DQ.

  6. Shaun Simpson beat Eric Embry to win the WCCW Light Heavyweight Title.

  7. Kevin Von Erich beat Al Perez in a "Texas death" match.

  8. Kerry Von Erich beat Brian Adias.

  9. Kerry Von Erich pinned Al Perez.

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