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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 03:14 am
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For years, Houston, Dallas (McLemore and Fritz), and San Antonio (Blanchard) were basically the same territory with different booking offices/TVs. Around 1980, the promotions split from each other, with Fritz forming WCCW, Southwest running San Antonio, Corpus and the Valley, and Houston using Southwest's talent.
Around 1981, Boesch cut ties with the NWA after Harley Race no-showed a scheduled title defense (a few years after his famous no-show at the Summit, where he claimed no one told him it was an afternoon show, and he showed up as fans were leaving). He began using AWA champion Nick Bockwinkel, and Bockwinkel did in fact briefly own a piece of the office, and plans were in place for Boesch to retire and Nick to take over the promotion.
In 1982, Bill Watts bought into the promotion and Boesch began using his talent. Bockwinkel appeared on shows through the end of 1983, and he eventually sold his shares of the office back to Boesch. Boesch began using the NWA Champion again (Flair) in 1985.
Boesch did bring in stars from other territories, such as Sammartino, Lawler, Tommy Rich, and a bunch of "Mexican" stars such as Jose Lothario, Mil Mascaras, Gordman/Goliath, Al Madril, etc.


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