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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 06:45 pm
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If AEW is offering health care and they do not go bankrupt in the first two years, they will absolutely become competition for WWE. And if TBS/TNT either pay them a fair rate for content or become like a partnership the way Spike was for TNA in paying the bigger contracts like Sting, AND management doesn't make too many hasty decisions...this is going to be fun. When you see how much Murdoch paid WWE for fucking Smackdown, the red headed step child of their lineup, I would have to think that TBS/TNT would have to offer no less than 25% in order to be considered serious with the Khan family. And if AEW can get $250m for TV rights, holy shit, they become a player overnight. And TNT saw the ratings that Nitro had when Goldberg was white hot, meaning, they probably want him as a face on the network for a year while getting it off the ground.

This looks like it was a well thought out plan and not just something thrown together after the success of All In. I'm actually excited for this and I don't give two shits about pretty much any of the talent they announced. But I bet when I watch the show every week I will become invested in it.

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