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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 08:02 pm
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Franchise wrote: I don’t know much about Wrestle-1 or DDT but after a quick glance at their roster they don’t seem very impressive but none the less I’m glad to see that they may be breaking away and not working with ROH and NJPW. That should keep some of the staleness away.
Wrestle-1 is Great Muta's company that he founded after he broke away from AJPW.  They briefly had a working relationship with TNA.  Sanada was Muta's protégé and the best young star in that company and he long since has defected to NJPW.  Most of the roster is honestly the drizzling shits, although I haven't seen enough of it to say that they don't have any other young gems like Sanada waiting to break out.  But upon casual viewing, no.  Still, if you can have Muta show up and spit the mist at a rally or on the first episode, that's a good nostalgia play right there even if the roster itself isn't very good.

DDT is a hybrid company that combines jr. heavyweight action and hardcore-lite with lots of comedy and satire.  They often mock WWE stars, so if they try to do that in AEW the Young Bucks might be getting another cease and desist letter from Mr. McDevitt.  There's some gimmicky shit that they do that I could see catching on in America because of its uniqueness for a little while before getting stale, but again I don't see any huge future stars there.

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This thread was great before AA ruined it.