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 Posted: Wed Jan 9th, 2019 08:20 pm
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Papa Voo wrote: I saw Franchise post about him doing the keto thing.  

I actually put on approx. 30 lbs with my leukemia, now I want to drop that weight now that I am healthier.  

A couple of friends keep telling me about keto, but it sort of seems like a sucker diet unless you want to live like that forever.  I had one friend she’d over 100 lbs. but he still is monitoring his keto cycles.  Another friend dropped around 40-50 lbs on it fast and then gained it back within a year.  Talk about a yo-yo diet.  

The only thing I have noticed in the past two years is that my metabolism seems to have slowed down.  I used to always drop extra weight rather quickly. 

I do not think I am made for the keto way.  What do you all think of this new craze?  It is like the new thing to do with friends and family.  Sort of reminds me when the Atkins came in and the keto plan seems similar.  

Plus, I like some beers on the weekends. Ha! 
I went to some quack who said it would help my eyesight a couple of years back.  Yea, I don't get it either.  I lost a ton of weight but I wasn't heavy to begin with.  I got off it when my real Doc told me it was bullshit.  I went to the quack on the advice (and endless pestering) of one of my wife's friends. 
I am not saying it doesn't work for certain people though.   It is just not for everyone.  My eyesight didn't improve at all.  Got worse as a matter of fact.  Nothing to do with the diet.  Just the natural evolution of my condition.